Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In Search of G/G Erotic, II

As this was the first subject of CK, I think I should return to it once again.
For quality, Good Dyke Porn wins hands down. There is more hotness in any one of their videos than an entire adult book store. As I like my women with a variety of styles and shapes, their website is a Godsend. They even take the old "Did you order a pepperoni pizza" sketch and tie it town to the bondage table. I'm still wiping the sweat from my brow.
On the realistic side, we have Authentic Lesbian Erotica. It's not updated much, but the poster seems to be able to uncover actual girlplay that even I haven't seen. And this is from someone who spends way too much time surfing for it. But why doesn't the Lesbiana Mexicanas link work, goddamit?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Heeeees back!

I'm going to try posting again. Maybe a little more regularly than in the past. I've added some new blogs of note: Citizen Renegade and FemenistX (see lists).
There's plenty to write about, even if I don't get out the way I used to.

Monday, December 7, 2009

No Stinking Pirates Here

Every now and then I run across something that makes a point better than I ever could. And for that reason I am going to post it here. This was a from a home video forum where downloading and "piracy" was being discussed:

I've found this situation amusing from the get go for OH, SO MANY REASONS.

Let me get this out of the way first: I'm not so naive as to believe that piracy has nothing to do with the decline of sales, but to put the blame on it entirely or even suggest it's the number one factor? Absurd.

First of all, let's go back to the 1980's/early to mid 90's. VHS is the current king of home viewing formats with DVD looming on the horizon. How many people do you figure were copying movies using RCA/coaxial cables and an extra VCR? I'm going to figure on A LOT, in fact, even more than people who can currently grasp the concept of finding something on the internet, if current online intelligence trends are any indication. It's not a hard process, especially since your local mom and pop video store kept a decent cache of rent-able porn handy.

So there's that factor. People engaging in piracy before the widespread advent of the internet. In 2001, it was estimated that the porn industry made $500 million to $1.8 BILLION from video sales ALONE. (Source)

Logically, if piracy were such a huge factor in the decline of sales, then how in the hell could the "industry" make that much money, given the easy and accessible nature of obtaining porn without paying for it? Or even obtaining a permanent copy at the cost of a one night rental? It seems to me that if obtaining a non-original copy of said product were truly detrimental, then how have all these companies managed to stay in business all these years?

My second point as to why this whole discussion is rib-tickling hilarious is the moral and ethical standpoints being taken by pornographers and porn "marks" and people who threaten to use legal means to keep their bottom lines from shrinking, and the whole "snitch" mentality that's been encouraged as of late.

The porn industry using legal tactics. The porn industry, which made itself by thumbing its nose at the law, now seeks to run to the very forces which would see it die horribly and smile while it happens, because they mistakenly feel they share a common bond with the mainstream and feel that they can benefit from the same fight.

I find it completely hilarious that in the face of financial doom and digital scapegoating, pornographers encourage such subjective social constructs like "morals" and "ethics" when it's been proven time and time again that the modern porn industry is completely devoid of either. People who made their living catering to a sexually dysfunctional demographic, screwed talent, set workers, and no telling how many other people over are now crying and whining about how their livelihoods are threatened and pull at people's heartstrings by employing their completely subjective point of view under the guise of "morals" and "ethics" about stealing "their work" or "their art," when in reality, they could give a shit about either. They want their $40 per DVD and they'll force feed you their tripe and tug at your own sense of morality and ethics to get it.

Again, using guilt tactics and subjective social constructs like "morality" and "ethics" to increase your bottom line? Hilarious.

Let's now talk about quality of product, which I feel is one of the true culprits in the decline of the porn industry. On my DVD rack, right now sit a few pornographic movies. To name a few as an example: The Devil In Miss Jones, This Ain't The Munsters XXX, and Zazel. These, in my opinion are good things to watch as far as pornography goes. I bought them, laying down hard earned cash to get them, because I wanted them. I can watch them completely through because they're entertaining.

What you WON'T find on my shelf are titles like "1 In The Pink 1 In The Stink 10," or "POV Pervert 11," or "Jizz Guzzling Meth Addicted Knuckleheads With Big Titties 88." Why is that? It's pornography isn't it?

Yes it is. Trouble is, it's shit.

Who is masochistic enough to fork over money for SHIT? I'm not. Call me a filthy non-enabler of the obviously amicable "artistic" goals of the modern porn industry if you like, but I can't for the life of me be even the LEAST bit entertained by generically hot, plastic, emotionally disconnected waifs getting plugged in every orifice by vacant himbo douchebags in someone's house for the sake of wank material. I especially won't pay $40 fucking dollars for it.

90% of modern porn is complete shit, and the consumer picks up on this.

AND THERE'S SO FUCKING MUCH OF IT. Around 12,000 titles a year. Possibly more.

Over-saturation. It's whats for dinner.

It's a proven fact in economics: When the market is over-saturated, sales will suffer. Factor in the current economy and consumer attitudes with that, and it seems that piracy is actually not the scary, final-boss level boogieman that the money grabbers would have you believe it is.

There's a ton of factors here, and to believe that digital piracy's elimination through invoking of social constructs and guilt-tripping will suddenly revive the industry and money will gush from the asses of all involved is naive, delusional, and quite frankly, the desperation of some no-talent, unimaginative shits looking for a scapegoat to blame for their bottom lines getting smaller than their penises.

I hope to FUCK this modern "industry" of pornography tanks. I'll laugh like a madman if and when it does. I hope to hear about most of these so-called "producers" working at McDonald's because their cookie cutter, demographic-catering porn factories shut down.

If it does, and this is wishful thinking on my part, maybe they'll get back to basics and rebuild. Maybe they'll put out better content, and less saturation of it, and get the consumer interested again to the point where they WILL want to own the product as if they were buying a mainstream release.

It used to be about making movies that not only made money, but were an expression of sexuality. Now it's catering to demographics with cheap, generic ideas of what's "hot."

And to see those poor, desperate, noble pornographers come to us, hat in hand, asking us to snitch on people or buy their shitty product in order to "support" a billion-dollar industry?


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sex in '69: The Sexual Revolution in America (2009)

Before 1969, very few people in American had sex. Those who did, only did so for procreation, not enjoyment, and knew nothing about what they were doing. They did do it often enough to produce a lot of kids who became hippies. The hippies started having sex a lot before 1969, but were pushed out of their sexing grounds in San Francisco. When they fled the oppressive San Franciscans, they migrated to many other parts of the country. By 1969, everyone else noticed them having sex, figured there might be something to this, and started having sex too. Feminists thought that all the sex was oppressing women, so they objected to the sex. Black People of Color had been having a lot of sex before 1969, but they were oppressed. Gay people were so oppressed from all the sex that they started rioting in 1969. But at least everyone, save Richard M. Nixon, was having sex. Then came disco music.
And that pretty much sums up the narrative to the documentary Sex in '69. Which also shows you the limits of arbitrarily designating a particular year for a paradigm shift. Got some news for you kids: Pops here was around back then and it wasn't much fun. At least from what I could see as a youngster. The union guys at the GM plants near my town were either chasing tail on Saturday or in church Sunday (from all the sex). And in some cases both.
Want a good history of the sex revolutions in America? Read the Gay Talese book. This History Channel two-hour special is way too superficial.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bitch-"Be My Slave"

Once upon a time it was really, really hard to find any women in leather.

But thinks to the wonder of YouTube, you can now watch Betsy and her love slaves if you go here.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fetlife and spam

I've been spending a lot of time reading through the posts on as of late. I've got an account there and I highly recommend the site. Someone created a social network for kinksters and it's pretty good. As always, I judge a site like this by how much porn spam they can keep off the board. Surprisingly, there isn't a whole lot; must be the programming.
But every now and then you do run into something which makes you wonder why the male sex was ever created in the first place:



Any Sexyy Girlz From London That want to be Fuck Buddies add my x

I swear to gawd, if I wanted to be evil all I would need to to would be to go on one of the major swinger sites and run a search engine for men looking for women age 20-30 and copy the results. I could have a book of humor which would rival anything produced in the past fifty years. And the real hysterical part of it: it's all REAL.